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I adore working with young people. It’s not only a lot of fun, it’s incredibly important. I’m also deeply fond of sending kids away with difficult questions for the adults in their lives. Inviting me to work with your kids will create more work for you, not less. But it’s work worth doing.

You can get a sense of my philosophy of doing philosophy with young people here (and yes, I know, the philosopher has a philosophy about doing philosophy, cue the gag reel). The headline is this: we tend to treat kids seriously only inasmuch as we think the adults they’ll grow into need to be serious people. We don’t think that kids’ issues are actually important. I do.

The most important pillar of my work with young people is Short & Curly (ABC). An award-winning ethics podcast for kids with over a million downloads a year. Short & Curly is a playful, inviting and rich way of taking the dilemmas, challenges and stories of young people and turning them into ideas. We’ve produced musical episodes, spoofed Agatha Christie and infiltrated Santa’s toy workshop whilst also discussing bullying, ableism, racism and consent.

If you’re looking for someone with a message that sticks and a bunch of belly laughs along the way, get in touch!

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